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15 October 2006 - NEW Website hosting packages
UnitDomain.com is pleased to announce an additional value added service to our portfolio - website hosting packages. On November 1st, we will be launching leading edge website hosting packages. The Hosting (HsT) packages will utilize the Plesk control panel to further simplify the complete management of hosted servers through a powerful, reliable and easy to use interface. Each of these HsT packages will be hosted in-house and off site at our climate controlled redundant data centers. This ensures that your hosting packages exceed industry standards in reliability.

31 December 2005 - NEW top level domain name extensions (TLDS)
UnitDomain.com is pleased to announce an additional value added service to our portfolio for our customer used. We have today launching several new top level domain name extensions (TLDS). The new TLDS are: .bz, .cc and .tv

UnitDomain.com will be bringing even more great extensions in the next few months. The new extensions will be as follows:
.eu, .ac, .at, .be, .de, .io, .it, .jp, .com.mx, .nl, .co.nz, net.nz, .org.nz, .sh, .tm, .co.uk, me.uk, org.uk.

9 May 2004 - Design your own site
Unitdomain.com have today added WebsiteCreator so customer easy can edit, change and publish websites instantly.

30 June 2003 - New website design
UnitDomain.com have changed to a new website design. Should you find any problems please let us know. You are welcome to send your comments to info@unitdomain.com

22 May 2003 - Proud to announce: Domain Auto Renewal
UnitDomain.com is proud to annouce the new Domain Auto Renewal system. Domains that are set to expire within 60 days and have the Auto Renew option checked, will be renewed automatically for a period of 1 year. A renewal notification will be emailed to the address in the account. Renewals will be billed to the credit card the customer have used in our system. If the credit card information is invalid or has been declined, the customer will receive an email with an opportunity to update the payment information. Customers are now able to check this off during the registration process. For customers who already registered, all they need to do is enable it from the Manage section. This feature will enhance domain renewal numbers for all. Make sure your domains are renewed with our new Auto Renewal option.

1 November 2002 - Secure your domain (Hijackings)
UnitDomain.com is now pleased to offer our customer the ability to lock their domains, for their security, in order to prevent hijackings. This extra security is not required. Unfortunately, the industry standards are not enough to protect against these types of fraud. UnitDomain.com's "Registration Lock" provides an extra layer of protection that is unmatched in the industry. With the lock, the potential for domain hijacking is drastically reduced since no changes can be made to your domains without disabling the lock.

14 June 2002 - WebHosting
UnitDomain.com is now pleased to offer webhosting together with UnitSpeed Host. Please see more at www.unitspeed.com

26 April 2002 - .us and .name domain registrations
UnitDomain.com is now pleased to offer .us domain registrations in real time. We will also be offering live, real-time registrations of .name domains shortly.

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