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What is a domain name?
A domain name is the essence of your company's online identity. It is the address your customers use to find information about your products and services on the web. Domain names allow Internet users to type in a name, such as UnitDomain.com, to identify a numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address such as The purpose of domain names is to allow users connected to the Internet the ability to find web sites without having to memorize the long, numerical (IP) addresses that actually locate the computers or servers on the Internet.

What are the fees to register a domain name?

The UnitDomain.com pricing are $14.95 per year. The price includes all fees associated with registering your domain name including internic fees and parking fees.

Why are your fees so low?

Our commitment to low prices reflects both volume savings, as well as the efficiency of our leading-edge automated technology. We pride ourselves on providing competitive prices as well as superior customer service.

What does it mean to "register" a domain name?

There is a central registry of all domain names on the Internet. For your domain name to become a part of the registry, your domain name needs to be added to that registry. "Registering" a domain name means you are associated with that domain name for the period of the registration. "Registering" a name means you own it, and no one else can register that exact same name!

Who should register a domain name?

Anyone thinking about establishing a presence on the Internet should register a domain name. You don't have to utilize it right away, but you can reserve it for your future use. Domains are being registered at the rate of more than 900,000 per month - they go quickly!

How long does the registration process take?

UnitDomain.com's application process should take less than two minutes to complete. All registrations take place in real time- once your application has been processed and approved, your name is registered.

Is it possible for someone to register my domain name after I have registered it?

No. The availability of .com, .net .org .info and .biz domain names is verified through a central registry system. This system prevents a domain name that is successfully registered from being registered by another person or entity. The UnitDomain.com registration and processing system updates the central registry in real time. 

What methods of payment does UnitDomain.com accept?

UnitDomain.com accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

If a domain name is already registered, can I find out who owns the name?

Yes. If you check the availability of a domain name and it is already registered, click on the whois link. This will display the contact information associated with a registered domain name.

Who do I contact for additional assistance?

If you have any questions or comments you can email us at support@unitdomain.com. Since we incorporate your ideas and suggestions, your comments are always welcome.

I've got my domain name, now what?

There are many uses for your new domain name. Some people want to have a personal or business website; others want to establish an email address; and still others want to hold onto their domain for future use or sale.

If you would like to have a Website, simply contact your Web hosting company or Internet Service Provider (ISP). They will build your Website and supply you with their Domain Name Server Information (DNS info). Then, visit www.UnitDomain.com and enter the DNS information in the "Manage" section. Within 24-48 hours after you enter the DNS info., your new Website will be accessible to anyone in the world. It's that simple!

If you would like to establish an email account, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will give you their DNS info. Simply go to www.UnitDomain.com and enter the DNS info in the "Manage" section of the web site. Your ISP can then route email sent to your new domain to either a new or existing mail box on their servers.

If you would like to resell your domain name, you may transfer the domain to a new buyer by using the "Ownership Change" form in the "Manage" section of the Website.

I own a new domain, but when I type it into my browser, nothing comes up.

A domain name is not a website. It's simply an address someone uses to find a website. If you would like to have a website, you can contact a web design or hosting company. After they build you a Website, you can enter their Domain Name Server Info (DNS Info) by clicking on the UnitDomain.com "Manage" link. Within 24-48 hours after you enter the DNS info, your new Website will be accessible to anyone in the world to see, including you!

What are registration Lock?

Our normal security procedures will suffice in most cases to keep your domain safe. If you have any concerns, however, you can use our Domain Lock feature to keep your domains secure. Once you activate Domain Lock, no changes to your domain will be permitted. Your domain will have to be unlocked by you before the domain can change hosting, contacts, registrants or even transfer out to another registrar.

The Domain Lock section is password-protected, meaning only the authorized user can access this section. The username and password to the account is not enough.

What are DNS Service?

DNS Service can be very confusing - it is for more advanced users. If you are looking to change the DNS servers for a domain, that is not done through DNS Service. Please login to the domain manager to use the Change DNS/ Hosting Info link.

If, though, you are the advanced user who has a Mail Exchange or website hosted on your computer, for example, let us be your nameserver! You can use our DNS Service tool to specify an MX Record, a CNAME Record or ANAME Record. You will still be responsible for configuring your mail or website server host, but we can allow you to specify the IP address or hostname of that host.

What are SecureWhois?

Did you know that every domain you have ever registered has 'WHOIS' information publicly posted for anyone and everyone to see? This service maintains your personal privacy for your online identity.

When you register a domain; the Registrant, Admin, Billing, and Technical contact information is collected by the Registrar and posted publicly for anyone to see. This is your 'WHOIS' information. Government and ICANN regulations require all domain holders to submit WHOIS information which is then collected and displayed in a public 'WHOIS' database!

  • We take your public information and make it private!
  • Stop Domain related SPAM. Included is a private SPAM filtered encrypted Email address for your domain.
  • Domain Theft and Domain Fraud are no longer an issue.
  • Harassers, Stalkers, and Data Mining companies will no longer abuse your information.

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