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What does it mean to "manage" my domain?
If you've ever dealt with the management of your domain, you know that with other registrars, it can be a difficult and lengthy process. The smallest change, from changing your email address in your contact information, or altering the nameservers of your host, can require multiple, confusing emails. Now, however, UnitDomain.com gives you the ability to make all of those changes online! You can change your contact information or nameservers in just a few seconds, using our secure system. Access your domain from any web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using your username and password.

How do I change the information in my domain?
Log on to our Domain Management System by clicking on the "Member Login" link on the menu bar. Input your username and password to log on to our secure server. You can see the domains you have in your account, listed 10 at a time. (You can, if necessary, search for a specific domain you own.) Click the "Change Info" button next to the domain you wish to alter.
Each domain has a number of items you can change. You may change the administrative, technical and billing contact information, as well as the nameserver (DNS) info. For more on changing DNS info, please see " How do I change the DNS information for my Domain Name? below.

You may not change the registrant info. The registrant is the owner of a domain, and as such, requires more security. In order to change a registrant, you need to go through the Registrant Transfer procedure.

Can I manage a domain I already own?
Only domains that have been registered with, or transferred to, UnitDomain.com will appear in your Domain Management System. If you have registered a domain with another registrar, you will need to transfer it to UnitDomain.com before you can manage it using our system.

What information can I change in my contact info?
You can change the following information for your administrative, technical and billing contacts: Name, Email, Company, Address, Phone and Fax. In addtion, you can change the Domain Name Server Info (see more below).

What is a DNS?
DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates a domain name from letters (www.unitdomain.com) into a numerical IP address (NS1.nameserver.COM
Each time you register a domain name you must specify your DNS information. If you register a domain name through UnitDomain.com, you can use our DNS information free of charge! This is known in the industry as "parking" a domain- parking is free using UnitDomain.com's servers. You can also change the DNS information at any time, also free of charge, but be aware, your new DNS host may charge you a parking fee...

Why would I need to change my DNS information?
If you have a new web site or email account, your web hosting company or ISP will ask you to change your DNS information (typically, they would become the new DNS host) so that your domain name can be connected to your web site and your email account can be setup. 

How do I change the DNS information for my Domain Name?
If you are changing DNS information on a domain name you registered with UnitDomain.com, begin by clicking the "Member Login" link in the menu bar. You will be asked for the username and password you designated at the time you set up your domain account. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can have it emailed to the email address you have on account. Choose the domain you wish to alter from your list of domains. Then, click the "Change Info" button next to the DNS Info section. Input the primary and secondary (and, if necessary, the tertiary) hostnames. Our system will automatically resolve the IP addresses of a valid nameserver.

How long does it take for DNS changes to take effect?
Typically, the DNS changes will be completed within 24 to 72 hours. This is standard Internet propagation time. The central registry databases update automatically, upon your submission of new information.

Can I have my domain URL-forwarded or redirected?
UnitDomain.com gives you the option of having your domain directly forwarded to your website, if your webhost will not allow you to host your name along with your site. URL-forwarding is a function of the management control panel. Access the Manage section through our Member Login with your username and password, and select the URL-forwarding tab. The fee is just $5.00 per name per year to receive banner-free forwarding to the URL of your choice. You can use a www URL- http://www.yourcompany.com/yourexamplesite.html, or an IP address URL- We also offer email forwarding.

Who do I contact for additional assistance?
If you have other questions, email customer service at support@unitdomain.com.

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